“We are creating a new mythology so that we can continue to view the world as the mystical place that it is.  Because we are all just ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the most beautiful ways.  And, it is only through our own beauty that we can recognize each others.  And, therein lay the magic.” Liz Bliss, Light Pours In

Light Pours In: A healing journey through the creation myth.

Guided by live music, story telling, circus flair, and dance.

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Directed by Liz Bliss

Narration written by Liz Bliss & Julia “Jewels” Hartsell

Music written by Liz Bliss, Garth Robertson, Eric Smith & Jeremy Lewis

Choreographed and Performed by Liz Bliss, Julia “Jewels” Hartsell, Kaci Torres, Katie Bouterse, Amy Schmidt, Adam Dipert & Jeremy Lewis

Live music by Garth Robertson, Eric Smith & Jeremy Lewis

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